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Whether you are buying, selling, renting property or if you have a dispute about a property, Auslegal Conveyancing Lawyers will be there to help you every step of the way. Our team of dedicated property lawyers will give you confidence when dealing with your conveyancing or other property transaction to ensure that you are well informed of every development that occurs.

For many of our clients, the purchase or selling of the family home is one of the largest and most stressful transactions that they will encounter. Therefore, our conveyancing lawyers are here to help you complete your conveyancing matter quickly, smoothly and at a competitive price.

Our property lawyers are here to assist you with:

– Purchasing property (conveyancing);
– Selling property (conveyancing);
– Renting property;
– Leasing property;
– Transferring property;
– Refinancing property;
– Disputes in relation to property; and
– Subdivision of property.