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commercial dispute resolution - litigation

At Auslegal, we appreciate the commercial reality that business disputes can prove costly in terms of time, resources, and reputation. Consequently, we are aware of the importance of not only successfully resolving business disputes quickly and efficiently, but of also adopting proactive strategies that seek to minimize the chances of such disputes even arising. With regard to dispute resolution, we are dedicated to working with our clients to ascertain the most appropriate strategy for resolving business disputes consistent with their commercial objectives.  We possess legal expertise across the full spectrum of dispute resolution methods ?mediation, arbitration, adjudication and conciliation. Furthermore, as a result of our unique business model, we are able to immediately offer you the services of one of our fully qualified barristers immediately, thus avoiding the need and expense for you to brief both a barrister and a solicitor.

In particular, we are able to offer our clients the following services:

  • Risk analysis in order to identify both weaknesses in and solutions to your business model or methods and processes of conducting business that may subsequently manifest in court proceedings.
  • Commercial legal advisory functions encompassing the legal side of business, such as drawing up contracts and the conduct of transactions
  • Case management of business disputes from cradle to grave ?we offer representation in both alternative dispute resolution and court proceedings
  • Preparation of Court documentation
  • Court representation
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