In House Counsel



For our commercial clients, Auslegal provides a full range of tailor made solutions ranging from debt collection and solvency issues to property, contracts, employment, acquisitions and dealing with all kinds of disputes. In fact there is little we do not do when working with our commercial clients.

In-House Counsel provides the option to clients of having a dedicated person act for you as an in-house counsel would, except on a part-time basis. This means that small business can now get the benefit of a lawyer understanding their business and advising in a proactive rather than reactive way to ultimately save costs.

The In-House Counsel service is aimed at businesses that are looking for:

  1. a way to budget for legal expenses by paying a fixed pre-set monthly amount;
  2. a good commercial lawyer to advise them on a wide range of issues;
  3. some on-site attendance with constant availability for the rest of the time;
  4. a lawyer who can get to know their business backwards;
  5. a way to reduce reliance on an existing external law firm; and
  6. cost control and project management where external professionals are engaged.


Businesses who subscribe to the In-House Counsel service obtain a well qualified lawyer for a specific amount of time each week for an agreed period. This service provides an opportunity for small enterprises to cultivate a strong relationship with a commercially astute lawyer. In effect you will have your own in-house counsel and thus experience the benefits of employing a legal eagle with an in-depth understanding of their company without the exorbitant cost involved in hiring in-house counsels or other law firms for the same work. In-house lawyers have an in-depth understanding of your business, products and strategy, and can therefore provide immediate and pragmatic business solutions, quickly and flexibly

In particular, we are able to offer our clients assistance with the following:

  1. Assumption of the immediate responsibility of corporate transactional work as well as drafting and negotiating commercial contracts and re-evaluating procurement agreements.
  2. Corporations Act, Listing Rules, Competition and Consumer and Director responsibilities & compliance.
  3. Company secretarial function
  4. Property and general litigation matters, as well as advising on employment issues
  5. Advice in relation to staff incentive schemes
  6. Solvency issues, capital raising and debt structures
  7. Risk Management, pension and insurance
  8. Improved debt collection