Family Law

Family Law – Auslegal Family and Divorce Lawyers

Having a family is one of the most rewarding, yet at times one of the most stressful, experiences of an individual’s life. At Auslegal, our family lawyers aim to take control of your family matter and work through it with you, not just act for you.

Separation and Divorce
We understand that the breakdown of a relationship can be stressful and upsetting, so we are wholly focused on making that journey as smooth and hassle free as possible. Our family lawyers are sympathetic to the emotional toll that you may be experiencing and we aim to minimise conflict wherever possible. However, if we are unable to negotiate an outcome that you are happy with, we will not hesitate in recommending legal action if necessary.

One of our strengths is our ability to deal with difficult situations and those concerning children are often the most difficult of all. Whether it is in relation to parenting after a separation or for the protection of children, the law is focused on doing what is in the best interest of your child. Therefore, if there is a dispute between you and your partner regarding a parenting plan, our team of family lawyers will be there to assist you. Whether it is in reaching an agreement on when the child should spend time with or communicate with the other party, we can advise. Alternatively, if all else fails our family lawyers will assist you in attending mediation or obtaining a decision from the court.

If you are experiencing family violence or suspect abuse, you need to seek help urgently. Contact us so we can advise you as to how to take immediate action.

Child support
Regardless of whether you are separated or divorced, every parent has the responsibility to provide continuous financial support to their child. We are able to help you negotiate with your partner to reach a mutually agreeable child support arrangement, or if an agreement is unable to be reached, to seek an assessment with the Child Support Agency.

Property Settlement
One of the most difficult issues in any divorce is understanding the way joint property of the relationship is divided and when such a settlement can take place. Even if you have contributed more than your partner to certain assets such as the house or the car, or even if the property is registered under your name, most of these assets would still be recognised as ‘joint property’ and hence subject to division with your partner. Our dedicated team of family lawyers will work through the property settlement process with you to help you understand how property is treated and divided between separated parties.