Debt Collection


Auslegal Debt Collection

Our team at Auslegal is able to provide you with options and solutions that will assist you or your business with the recovery of debt. We have extensive experience in debt collection for both individuals and corporations. This means that we tailor the solution to your situation to ensure that the best results are achieved.

So whether you are owed $2000 or $20,000,000, Auslegal will have the right debt collection strategy for you. We recognise that it is at times important to maintain good relations with the debtor and that is why our team takes the time to understand your relationship prior to taking on any aggressive debt recovery action. You are also given the power to control the process and each step we take is subject to your approval.

Often a debtor who owes you money is not unwilling to pay the full amount but is not in a position to do so at a particular point in time. In this situation, Auslegal is able to act for you in negotiating a repayment plan that is mutually acceptable. Auslegal offers a simple fixed price structure to assess the quality of the debt, the debtor and incorporate it into our debt collection system, write a solicitor’s letter of demand to the debtor and follow the debtor up with a phone call. Following that process, in the unlikely event that the debt remains unpaid, Auslegal’s debt collection system will relentlessly work through the process until court proceedings are initiated.

Other debt collection strategies
Of course, there are many debt collection strategies that you can employ. Sometimes debtors are resilient to the receipt of letters of demand and even the issue of a Statement of Claim. Creditor’s Statutory Demands for payment of debts frequently result in the debtor taking immediate action to pay the outstanding amount. Statutory Demands can only be issued under certain circumstances – speak to Auslegal to see if your situation warrants the issue of a Creditor’s Statutory Demand.