Consumer Law

Auslegal Consumer Lawyers

There are a range of rights and protections that you have as a consumer, so if you feel that something you bought is not up to the standard or quality that you were expecting, if you have been misled or if you feel that your situation was not dealt with properly by a business, our team of consumer lawyers can provide you with the right advice.

Almost everything you purchase that is for domestic or household use will be covered under Australian Consumer Law, whether you are buying a flashy new car or just the weekly groceries. Our consumer lawyers will advise you on what the best course of action is for your particular situation and ensure that your consumer matter is dealt with in the most time and cost effective manner.

Our dedicated team of lawyers will work with you to resolve your consumer problem, making sure that your rights have not been infringed and ensuring that you have not been unfairly taken advantage of.

No Refund Policy?
As a general rule, consumers are entitled to a repair, replacement or refund of something that you have purchased if it is faulty, unsafe, does not do what it is supposed to do or is of unacceptable quality. This is regardless of whether the supplier has a ‘no refund’ sign at the counter or if the sales assistant tells you that you are not able to bring it back. Likewise with services such as something as important as home renovations or as casual as a car wash, if adequate care and skill was not taken or if it was not done in a reasonable time, you may possibly be entitled to a refund or replacement service.

No longer covered under Warranty?
Have you bought something that has broken or stopped working outside of the warranty period? Have you been told that because it is no longer covered by warranty that you would not be entitled to a remedy? This may be true but at times it may not. There are rights that you have as a consumer under statutory consumer guarantees, one of which is the right to a remedy if the product that you purchased is not of acceptable quality. For example, if you bought a luxurious lounge suite for $10,000 with a warranty period of 1 year, and you discover in 18 months that the structure of the lounge is beginning to fall apart, provided that the damage was not caused by you, you would most likely be entitled to a remedy at no cost to you. This is because you would expect a $10,000 lounge suite to last more than 1 year and it would therefore be of unacceptable quality if it began to fall apart in 18 months.