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Auslegal Business Lawyers

With a strong business advisory background our commercial department will be able to work with you through any commercial or corporate matter. Whether you are a company secretary requiring assistance with compliance issues or a company officer needing help dealing with regulatory bodies such as ASIC, our team will be able to assist you even if it just relates to the completion of forms. Keeping abreast of the ASX Listing Rules is almost a full time job in itself and our team may be able to save you valuable time.

Disputes can quickly escalate in a business and you may find that your business has been served a Statement of Claim or that you may need to file on yourself. Our commercial department will be able to provide advice or appear for you in court and assist you in any part of the litigation process. Most importantly, contact us to see if we can prevent litigation before your matter gets to a court. Advice now may be able to save your business many thousands of dollars later on.

Whether you have a small family business, you are high net worth individual or if you have control over a transnational corporate giant, our highly experienced team will have the solution for you. Our team is committed to delivering clear, practical and business-focused advice that is tailored to reflect the individual complexities of your business.

Our areas of expertise include:

– Business advice;
– Commercial dispute resolution—Litigation;
– Company secretarial and compliance matters;
– Employment Law;
– Debt management and recovery;
– Private equity and capital raising;
– Insolvency and debt reconstruction;
– Property;
– Contracts;
– Licensing;
– Franchising;
– Financial service compliance;
– ASX listing and compliance;
– Company mergers and acquisitions;
– Security interests and the PPSA;
– Intellectual property protection and acquisition;
– Confidentiality agreements;
– Negotiation and settlement of commercial matters;
– Terms of sale and retention of title; and
– Overseas transactions.