Bankruptcy Law


Auslegal Bankruptcy Lawyers

Sometimes bankruptcy is the best course of action an individual can take. However, we find from experience that there are many alternatives to bankruptcy. Our team of advisors is here to assist you and to provide guidance as to the choices available to you when creditors start to put the pressure on.

Our team at Auslegal will take time to understand your situation and to advise you of the best options available to you. This may involve negotiation with creditors, sometimes resulting in a scheme of arrangement, or simply putting in place an installment repayment plan. In any event, protection of your assets must be your primary concern. We will advise you and support you through the tough times and provide you with the options that will enable you to continue moving forward.

Auslegal can help you with any of the following:

1. Advise you on the most appropriate course of action;
2. Liaise and negotiate payment plans with your creditors;
3. File court documents that may be required; and
4. Represent you in any negotiation prior to or during mediation or court proceedings.