Asset Protection Law


Auslegal Asset Protection

Whether they are assets owned by a business or your personal assets, Auslegal will help you take preventative steps to minimise the depletion of the wealth that you have worked hard to acquire. Furthermore, while it is important to consider the enjoyment in our own lives, we also owe a duty to our family to ensure that our assets are protected for future generations.

There are many things in life that could potentially threaten your assets, including creditors, business failures, taxation, litigation, divorce and separation. Therefore, instead of leaving your assets open to the dangers of such processes, let our team help you take active steps in protecting your assets and minimising the loss that may come with the ups and downs of life.

Our areas of expertise include:

– strategies to protect your assets from business failures;
– protection against creditors;
– protection against fraud
– tax planning;
– business strategies;
– the creation of discretionary family trusts and other trusts;
– self managed superannuation trusts;
– family law financial agreements; and
– removal of intellectual property and other important assets from the front line.